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"When I first experienced...

the energy of Miron VioletFlame Glass, I fell in love with it and had to have a bottle as my personal water container. Being sensitive to energy, I could feel the higher vibration of the violetflame glass. I enjoy sharing quality products with my friends and our community and so have become a distributor of this wonderful product."face

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Samuel Kiwasz

Miron Violet Glass

is unsurpassed in preserving the life of products such as homeopathic remedies, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and herbal preparations.

Compared with

Amber, blue, green and clear glass, DEEP VIOLET GLASS provides many remarkable benefits: Superior protection from light degradation
Increased shelf life
Energizing effects on organic life
Natural preservation properties
Attractive packaging


This glass allows only violet, ultra-violet and infra-red light to pass into it; the result being that it raises the frequency of its contents. This type of violet flame glass was used alchemically in Ancient Egypt to preserve substances. The reason this is possible is becouse the visiable light spectrum, which nature uses to help things grow, is also used by nature to decompose plants after they are harvested. This same visiable light is blocked by Miron Glass, resulting in a significant delay in its decomposition process. Miron violet flame glass is aesthetically beautiful.